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Step 1: The hardware & Software

As an installer, you will receive the required hardware from us (the smartgrid controller and remote gateways), as well as access to the online portal Eniris EMS.

More about our hardware: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Products%20%26%20Services/Smartgrid%20One/Producten/

Step 2: Controller installation & synchronization with the platform

To add a customer to the portal, the controller must be installed. During the commissioning process, you are asked to synchronize the controller with the portal. Once this is done you can add customer data via the Eniris EMS environment.

More about installing the controller: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Smartgrid%20One/Smart%20Grid%20Controller%20Installation%20Manual

More about the commissioning interface: 


Step 3: Adding customers to the portal

The online portal acts as a maintenance & management platform where you can see whether your customers are connected and whether the underlying techniques are working correctly. In addition, you can grant the customer access to his installation from this portal.

More about Eniris EMS: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Eniris%20Insights/Insights%20EMS/

Step 4: Start of the smart control

After the synchronization with the portal has been successful and the installation has been completed, you can select the correct energy management strategy via the online portal or the app. The smart control of the energy devices then starts immediately.

More about the strategies: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Smartgrid%20One/Strategie%C3%ABn/#

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