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Central solution: the smart grid controller



  • Enclosure: Suitable for DIN rail and wall mounting
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 125mm x 51mm
  • Drawing: Smartgrid One Drawing.pdf
  • Weight: 350g
  • Ambient temperature: 0°C -> +60°C
  • Option: -40°C -> +80°C
  • Scope of application: indoor
  • Power supply: Via adapter 230Vac -> 12Vdc
  • Interface Charging station, Energy meter, Battery system, PV inverter & Heat pump:
    • Modbus TCP via RJ45
    • RS232 / RS485
    • 2x digital input (5-50Vdc)
    • 2 x digital output (0-50Vdc or 0-250Vac relay)
    • HTTP API
    • S0 pulse counter via digital inputs
    • Interface Digital meter: With supplied RJ11 to USB cable
  • Network:
    • 2 x RJ45 gigabit ethernet (configurable as ethernet bridge or 1xWAN and 1xLAN port)
    • Option: internal 4G modem with external RP-SMA connectors for the antennas



Commissioning Service Dongle

Using the Wi-Fi service dongle to connect to the smart grid controller simplifies the commissioning process.

You can connect to the hotspot created by the service dongle via your computer or smartphone to access the commissioning page. This provides a convenient and effortless way to configure and manage the energy devices.

Decentralized solutions

To connect devices that are not nearby the smart grid controller, you can use the different gateways:

  • Remote M-Bus
  • Remote P1 Port for digital meter / smart meter
  • Remote RS232 RS485 RS422
  • Remote digital IO

More about these gateways: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Smartgrid%20One/Producten/Remote%20Gateways/




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