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Eniris API

Last modified by Bart Verheecke on 2024/01/15 21:46

Eniris Authentication APIs

Eniris provides Authentication APIs, facilitating access through both MQTT and HTTPS protocols. Detailed documentation and interactive features for these APIs are available at the following links:

Eniris Metadata & Telemetry Query API

Additionally, Eniris offers a Metadata Query API, enabling users to retrieve telemetry-related data. The documentation for this API can be accessed via the following link: 


Telemetry Query API

Specifically for telemetry data, Eniris provides the Telemetry Query API. This API requires a POST request to the following URL:

POST https://neodata-ingress.eniris.be/v1/telemetry

The following query parameters are mandatory when using the Telemetry Query API:

  • u: Collector name
  • db: Database
  • rp: Retention policy

An example of a request to the Telemetry Query API might look like this:

       "measurement": "exampleMetrics",
       "time": "2023-08-02T10:00:00Z",
       "tags": {
           "serialNr": "aaaabbbbccccdddd"
       "fields": {
           "maximumProductionPower_W": 2000


Authorization Requirements

For accessing the Eniris APIs, it is crucial to include a valid Bearer authorization token. This token must be obtained by logging in as a user who is a member of the specific "CustomerName" role. Failure to provide a token associated with a user in the correct role will result in a 403 Forbidden response, accompanied by an error message indicating unauthorized access or incorrect permissions.

Server Response Codes

When interacting with Eniris APIs, the server can respond with a limited set of HTTP status codes, each indicating a specific type of response or error:

  • 204 No Content: Success, but no content in the body.
  • 400 Bad Request: Various formatting errors in the request.
  • 403 Forbidden: Authentication issues or incorrect permissions.
  • 404 Not Found: Attempts to write to an unknown namespace.
  • 409 Conflict: Conflicts with the allowed data time range or stored field types.
  • 422 Unprocessable Entity: Internal data type inconsistencies within the sent message.

Collection for postman

Below is a script for postman that helps handle the token generation. (see appendix)

Influx via api.postman_collection.json

Access timeseries data


Access a device (building/site)

GET https://api.eniris.be/v1/device?id=37142


To edit a property, use POST:


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