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Community Wiki - Welcome

Last modified by Wim Verheirstraeten on 2023/10/06 18:42

Welcome to our our community wiki!

This wiki serves as a guide to seamlessly integrate our products (Eniris EMS, Eniris Solar, and the Smart Grid Controller) into your existing systems.

Here, you will find in-depth information about our APIs and integrations, and how to use them to retrieve and integrate data with your own software. We also provide useful tips and guidelines for configuring our hardware and using our SaaS solutions such as Eniris EMS and Eniris Solar.

Smart Grid Controller.jpg

Eniris Solar

Click here to download the brochure:

Eniris Solar - Flyer.pdf

More information about our SaaS-product for solar monitoring: https://wiki.eniris.be/wiki/publicinformation/view/Eniris%20Insights/Eniris%20Insights%20Solar%20O%26M-%20%26%20Customer%20Dashboard/

Please feel free to contact us at info@eniris.be if you have any questions.


Created by Wim Verheirstraeten on 2023/10/06 18:42


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